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Go frolic in the desert where a tortoise belongs, and leave my heart alone!

There's no excuse for the internet.

I'll po YOUR lite!
8-bit theater, 90210, aclu, ad&d, adventure, alaska, alternative education, anime, anne mccaffrey, anti-dmca, babylon 5, barbara hambly, battle hunter, blowing bubbles, blowing the tabstivor, braids, brunching shuttlecocks, bubbles, building forts, card captor sakura, cecilia eng, cheapass games, chobits, choir, chrono trigger, civil liberties, cj cherryh, clamp, communication, communications, computer science, cosplay, costco, costumes, costuming, d&d, dana lyons, dave barry, digimon, dog agility, dog training, dogs, dungeons and dragons, elizabeth moon, escaflowne, espoonabornia, explodingdog, fancy lala, fantasy, fawlty towers, filk, filk music, filking, filmmaking, final fantasy, fnord, folk music, frank the goat, fushigi yugi, fushigi yuugi, gaming, gay rights, get fuzzy, gordon lightfoot, gurps, gurpsnet, hats, heather alexander, highway's thingy, illuminati, insult swordfighting, irish music, j. michael straczynski, jms, john cleese, john flansburgh, john linnell, kodomo no omocha, labyrinth, lc, legend of zelda, leslie fish, lewis and clark college, listing this interest, mahoromatic, manga, marmalade boy, mercedes lackey, metropolitan learning center, mlc, monkey island, munky, munky week, munkys, not wearing makeup, order of the stick, oregon, parody, peter beagle, peter s. beagle, piers anthony, piracy, pirates, playing with cardboard boxes, port/starboard, portland, portland oregon, powell's, powell's books, pustefix, rail transit, rampant silliness, resenting corporate evil, role playing games, roleplaying games, rpgs, s.m. stirling, satire, science fiction, scottish music, sewing, sheep herding, spiffy's, spiffy's restaurant, state songs, staying up too late, steve jackson games, street musicians, sushi, sword-chucks, sylvia engdahl, sylvia louise engdahl, tabstivor, tanith lee, tanya huff, the brunching shuttlecocks, the last unicorn, they might be giants, things on sticks, tmbg, tony danza, trains, trivial pursuit, used books, used bookstores, velvet munky uzbek house, very small rocks, zelda, π,