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*pokes head up*

Well, I'm not dead. I feel like I've been busy, but I think I've really been this bizarre combination of busy and lazy that causes me to never have time to do the dishes yet play Spider Solitaire for hours. However, I haven't felt up to communication with actual human beings, and when I have I've been hanging out with one or more Chris, so a serious lack of journaling has resulted.

I got a job. It starts tomorrow, so I'll get to find out what it's like to be actually-busy again.

The point of this entry, however, is mostly that I asked greatblondelf for interview questions ten days ago and never got around to answering them, so I thought I'd get around to doing that. This is one of the reasons why I generally don't do these things.

This is that thing where people ask you questions and then you comment if you want questions. I'll try to get to requests for questions in a reasonable amount of time, but knowing me it'll be a while.

1.If you could pick a superpower, which one and what use would you immediately put it to?

The power to make aggressive drivers (and their vehicles) disappear. The drivers would reappear on the nearest bus and their vehicles would reappear in the donation section of one of those charities that takes used cars. With all papers turning it over to them. In an entirely different state.

I would then drive toward downtown on the Sunset highway, cackling with glee.

2.If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing with you, would you rather have died in the shipwreck instead?

Nah. (Ask a yes/no question, get a yes/no answer. :p)

3.what is the one crime you are least likely to ever commit?

Cattle rustling. Although, actually, that sounds kinda cool.

4.If you could form your own society, what principles/ideals would it be based upon?

  • Don't be a fuckhead. This includes being nice to people unless you have a reason not to be and waiting your turn, even in a car.

  • If it's between people capable of making agreements, and everyone involved agrees to it, and it's not harming anyone else, it's not your business unless you were invited.

  • The government's job is to settle disputes between people, keep any one individual or group from amassing too much power over others, level the playing field as much as possible (by doing such things as making sure all children have a chance at an appropriate education nd that everyone has things like heathcare, since whether or not you get sick or injured is really more luck than fault, basically reduce "random bad luck" as much as possible from people's lives) and to provide witness to a variety of agreements that people may enter into. As far as is possible, it is not to dictate people's personal lives.

  • There would be no such thing as a corporation. If you're in charge of a business, you're responsible. Personally. No-dissolving-the-company-and-walking-away. This would encourage much smaller businesses, and someone would be held accountable when shit happened. This would encourage businesses to behave ethically rather than maximizing profit at all costs, or at the very least to take a more long-term view since if it came crashing down it'd take them with it.

  • Taxes would be for the purpose of providing those services considered to be either for the benefit of everyone (such as the military or parks system) or to level the playing field. Taxes would be based on the ability of the citizen to pay rather than amount of services used.

    I think I've babbled enough about that.

    5.Why do birds suddenly appear?

    Because they have cloaking devices. It's all part of an alien communist plot. Flying crap factories.

    Sooner or later, I'll write an entry about, you know, my life or something. Maybe.
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