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Big geeky week

Well, I've been too busy being a big dorky fantasy geek and trying to singlehandedly stimulate the economy by buying stuff to post or read much lately. I'll try to catch up on my friends page tomorrow. If anything important happened, comment and let me know because I may just skim.

Anyway, Mercedes Lackey was in town this week. I've read her books for about 5 years now, but she hadn't come through on a tour in all that time, so this was pretty exciting. On Monday, I went to a book signing at Powell's and managed to convince myself that since it was a book signing I should buy her latest hardcover, the paperback preceding it in the series since I hadn't read it yet, and the latest Valdemar book too. I can't think of the last time I bought two hardcovers new. It was lots of fun. Instead of doing a reading, she talked about writing and getting published. I didn't know anyone there, but I found people to talk to while waiting for it to start. I'm so variable about talking to strangers, but it worked out that time.

Today was the Firebird Arts and Music open house. That was pretty damn cool. It started at 1400 and didn't end until 2000 or 2100. Only about 10-15 people came, which surprised me. Anyway, it was much less formal, and I brought some of my old books to get signed (the book club LHM, Magic's Promise, Oathbreakers, and the Heralds, Harpers & Havoc CD). I also bought two more CDs, a T-shirt and a map. There was a printing error with some of the maps causing them to be double-printed and/or blurred, so Misty and Larry decided to double-sign them using two pens at once. It was pretty funny. They're thinking of having a contest to give those away. I'll have to try to pay attention to their website and see if it happens. Cecilia Eng was also there, which should have occured to me and didn't. If I'd thought about it, I would have brought the Lovers, Lore & Loss and Oathbound CDs so she could have signed them too. I didn't want to bring too much and annoy people, so they got left home. Oh well.

Book fandom is so weird. Mercedes Lackey is a fairly well-known author, and yet only 10-15 people showed up to a free event to hang out in Firebird's backyard and talk for hours. It was really cool, but it always surprises me when "famous people" can do things like that with such small groups (Peter Beagle book readings also usually only attract about 10 people, for example). It was a really neat thing to be able to do. Misty and Larry both have good senses of humor, and it was fun to hear them talk about their lives. It was also nice to get an idea of what books are coming out. It sounds like they're giving Valdemar a few years off to focus on some other things, and she's finally considering starting up the Diana Tregarde books again, which she got turned off of by a nutball fan a few years back. I like the Valdemar books, but I'd rather have them take a few years off then turn it into a going-though-the-motions series like Piers Anthony did with Xanth. She also said that there would be more Tannim books and that there would be a story about the origins of his Mustang. Very cool.

In life-is-weird news, I almost didn't go to either event because I was worried about running into Becky, who didn't go to either event. I didn't really care if I saw her or not, but I didn't want to annoy her by being there. However, Jordan, who I used to date in middle and high school, showed up today. I hadn't seen him in years. He's engaged now. Anyway, I guess we're back in touch again. It's so weird. His basement is almost exactly the same, except with a newer game system.

This is not one of my better-written entries. I'm sorry. I'm tired, hungry, and my knees hurt. I'll try to do better next time.

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