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Back at school, other journal updated

Well, I'm back at school. I got my computer set up a few days ago, but haven't really had much time to write. I updated my other journal. I'm torn about keeping up with this one. More people seem to read it, but I don't think I really like storing my entries on someone else's server like this. It's probably just as stable and likely to be around in a few years as my aracnet account is, but it still doesn't feel the same. Plus it's harder for me to keep a full local backup.

In other internet news, I applied to be a mod at Megchan's Digimon Messageboard, in the Mikayo/Yolei forum. I know I won't get it (there are other applicants that are better qualified) but I lt like I should apply anyway, so people would at least know that I'm interested in case more openings happen in the future. I've been looking for a polite way to tell them I was interested, and at least I've found that, I hope.

I wonder if that board will ever have a get-together. It would be interesting to meet some of those people. A lot of them are underage and live pretty far from where I do, though. Living in Oregon sucks, because West Coast gatherings always take place in either Washington or California anyway. Bah.

I should go do homework, I suppose.

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