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Note to self

Dear memory,

Lately, you seem to be having some problems keeping your priorities straight. To clarify:

The following things really don't need to be on super-high-available-at-all-times access:

  • The "share and enjoy" song from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy radio show
  • The events of April 8th and April 9th 2000
  • The rest of your sophomore year of college
  • Every embarrassing thing you have ever done
  • "Dies Irae" from Mozart's Requiem and/or any other choral piece which you are not performing again any time soon
  • Phone numbers that you haven't called in years

Please refile them in a lower-priority slot and replace with things such as:

  • The location of your car at any given time
  • Your social security number
  • Your pin numbers and passwords
  • Things you need to get done this week
  • Your bank balance
  • Phone numbers of people you call all the time

This should lead to a more efficient and well-run life.

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