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Nagging feeling

I have this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting to do something that needed to be done this weekend, but the only special thing I can think of about this weekend is Becky's birthday, and seeing as I haven't spoken to her in years I am probably not obligated to get her a gift. I hope I'm not forgetting anything relevant. Bah.

Anime club went ok yesterday, but only 2 people came. We had fun, though. Then clipdude and I hung out. We went to the Grand Lodge in Forest Grove and saw X-Men 2. I'm highly in favor of theatre pubs. We spent a little over $30 and got a nice dinner and beer as well as a movie, and we would have spent that much on tickets, popcorn, no dinner and no beer at a normal theatre. A pint of nice beer is between $3-$4 at McMenamins, and Regal charges that much for soda. Screw that.

Today, I need to do laundry. Actually, I needed to do laundry about 3 days ago, but I've been improvising and wearing shirts that I don't wear much anymore to stretch it. Yesterday, I wore my Thundercats shirt, which I almost never do anymore. Technically, I probably don't need to do laundry for another week or so, but I'm starting to miss clothes that are dirty and starting to run out of socks, and I don't feel like wearing weird T-shirts and sandals for a week.

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