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Dumb accomplishments

We can now add "read all 5 Harry Potter books within a 24 hour period" to my list of dumb accomplishments. I even got a good night's sleep in there. The problem with doing this is you notice any little nagging plot inconsistencies. The other problem with this is that the books blur together even more than usual. The other other problem is that this is a really lame thing to do.

Aside from yesterday/today when I did this, I've actually been fairly busy. I went to hear Heather Alexander on Monday, which was nice. She even played something new, which was neat. Unfortunately, I had gotten through a pint and a half of stout at that point and my dinner still hadn't gotten there (the Lucky Lab has AWFUL service), so I don't remember the song as well as I'd like to. Bah. I also pre-ordered Wanderlust, which she's finally getting back into print. Then I think I'd have all of her solo albums if I could just free Life's Flame from my car's CD player.

Tuesday was going over to Grammy's and the LiveJournal Meetup. Grammy and I ran a few errands and tried to figure out a way to ship a rosebush to Idaho. I don't know of any good way to do that. She though it would be really easy, having apparently never tried to deal with shipping people before. I knew better, but hoped that something reasonable would present itself. No luck. I'm going to see if anyone in Idaho sells that kind of rose and delivers.

The Meetup wasn't as much fun as usual this month for some reason. Partially, I think it was because a lot of the "regulars" (giapet, shademalek and gelasia, mostly) weren't there, but I think it was also that I was really tired and that they were playing the music too damn loud. As always, the food (at the other Lucky Lab) was hopeless, but this time I ate before I came. I did leave in the middle with qousqous, jes5199 and dreamsofblue to get milkshakes from Burgerville, though. Unlike the rest of them, I came back. Also, everyone who asked for a nametag actually showed up, which has never happened before.

After the Meetup, I hung out with clipdude for a long time. We got Dr Pepper Slurpees and went for a car ride. We drove to Washington and I showed him some of the the finer points of pumping your own gas (he didn't know how to set it up so you didn't need to hang on to the handle). I finally got home about 0400, I think.

Then I puttered around the house Wednesday until 1800, when I decided to read all 5 Harry Potter books. Whee.

Also, I didn't check my email for two days, and so I missed the memorial service for my mom's college advisor. It really annoys me that they gave a little less than two days notice for that. I would have liked to have gone, but it was at 1300 today and they set the email at after 1500 Tuesday. I didn't check my email between Tuesday morning and this evening, so I missed it. It seems that one should give a week's notice for things like that. It's not like it was a burial, so there didn't need to be that much hurry. I probably would have just felt awkward anyway.

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