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I want out of the house, I want my own life, I want dad's plans to not constantly change mine

Dad and Ann seem to have made up, and he's back over there again. Supposedly, he'll be there until Monday. Of course, since I don't know if they'll have another fight again, I don't really want to get too comfortable and you know, invite anyone over or anything, since he might come back at any time and in no mood to deal with my nonsense and wacky friends.

This more or less ruined my get-him-to-buy-Harry-Potter master plan. He says I can go buy it, along with paperbacks of 1-3 (which we don't have, although we have 4) and he will pay me back, but I no longer really believe him when he says that, since he often decides not to pay me back anymore. Since I had to pay another over $160 bill related to my orthotics that my insurance sprung on me this week (this for appointments in January and February that I'd assumed that they'd covered and only now got around to billing me for instead), I'm really not up for spending about $40 on books right now. I'll be feeling less poor in another two weeks or so when I have more of a budget cushion back, but I need to be careful with my luxuries until then. It doesn't help that I'm going out twice in the next three days, but I'm not skipping either hanging out with Jeff (safetygoth) who I haven't seen in over a month, or listening to Heather Alexander again. I'm expecting those evenings will cost me about $10 and $30 respectively, but I could be way off. I'd rather do those two things than get Harry Potter right when it comes out, so screw it.

Maybe if I feel really trusting of my dad tomorrow I'll go get them, but I really doubt it. He's just burned me too many times on this stuff. I know he's tired of me staying here, and I know I'm not paying rent or anything, but what gets me is that he goes back on things he said. I don't really care if he doesn't want to pay for something, he can just tell me that and I'll decide for myself if it's worth buying. I'm 22 and out of school, and it's really not his job to take care of me anymore. It's not his fault that I can't get a damn job. It's just when I buy something that I'd either have put off or not bought at all (or, in the case of the orthotics, which are now up to at least $635 that he didn't pay after saying he would, have asked my mother to help out with) and then he backs out of paying for it that it does terrible things to my budget, and I'd really like that to stop.


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