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Who's too lame to use email? *I'm* too lame to use email!

There are a couple of adventures I'd like to have happen this summer, and I am realizing that they involve some communication on my part.

clipdude, qousqous and I all went over our calendars, and it looks like the only common open space is starting roughly July 17th and going through mid-August (correct me if i'm wrong, guys, but that's what you wrote down). Our master plan, if visiting you at some point during that time would work for you, is to take Hwy 101 down the coast and camp along the way, then spend some time staying with you, then drive back up camping again. Thus, it'll take us probably 2-3 days of travel each way, which needs to be factored in. Anyway, let us know if it would work to stay with you for a few days (or even a week, maybe) at some point during that time. If not, I'm going to launch a bold lobbying attempt to get us to go to Canada, because they have wine gums there.

Gigantic, which is a movie about TMBG, will be playing in Seattle from August 15th to August 21st. Depending on when the aforementioned CA trip happens, I'd kind of like to see it, and they haven't mentioned it playing in Portland at all. Is there any crash-on-your-floor time available during that time period? I'd buy tickets for you and Siobhan to go to the movie with me....

Anyone else:
If you live in either Seattle or the Bay Area and would like to be part of a meet-for-snacks type adventure in either locale, comment and let me know. This is probably the only time I'll go to the Bay Area in the near future because I hate it and it hates me right back. The only good things about the Bay Area are U-turns and In-and-Out burger, both of which I am looking forward to, although neither outweighs the seething horribleness.
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