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Dad's back early

It appears that Dad and Ann had a fight, and Dad is now back home again, rather than after the weekend as he had planned. Thus, the don't call after 2100 on the land line rule is again in effect. Also the no large groups of noisy people in the house during normal sleeping hours rule, and other assorted rules.

On the bright side, if this holds he'll be around to go buy the Harry Potter book on release day, which means I can read it for free when he's busy watching golf or something rather than shelling out the money myself. I plan to use the money I will save by doing so on manga.

I haven't read anything "challenging" or "at my reading level" in a very long time. I suppose I should do that eventually. Bah.

I'm getting frustrated with animepdx. Everyone has so many scheduling issues that no one ever comes, or else they're not really interested, or something. Last month, we only had one person who wasn't either a club leader or the guy who lived there show up. It seems like I'm basically scheduling a very complicated way to hang out with qousqous and watch videos, which we have been able to manage for years without needing complicated polls and internet sites to help us out. Only about 5 people even bothered to vote on when the meeting should be this time. I don't really mind if people just aren't interested, but I keep thinking that if I just tried harder I could get people to come. It just seems like if I plan in advance then the people I've bent over backwards to accommodate don't come anyway and if I do it at the last minute people tend to already have plans. I can't win.

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