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I need to move out of the damn house

This is a little petty thing, but it's my journal and I'm going to whine about it. For years, I've wanted Reese's to make a dark chocolate peanut butter cup. I like their peanut butter better than the other brands, but the other brands tend to come in dark chocolate, so I'm always torn on which to get. Anyway, my mom found dark chocolate Reese's at a store and bought me a package (which has two in it). Rather than eating them right then (which I very much wanted to do) I took them home with me to share with my dad, since he also likes dark chocolate. I bring then home and tell them that we'll eat them later, since it was before dinner. Anyway, a week or so passes and we haven't really had an opportunity to eat together. Tonight I decided it would be a good time, so I ask him where they went. He ate them without me! Now, normally I really wouldn't give a damn if he ate my candy, but I've wanted these for years and they were a gift from mom (my parents are divorced). He didn't even apologize. Grr. They don't have them at any of the places I shop, either. This sucks. A lot. I was really looking forward to those.

I need to get out of this house. Dad is starting to drive me crazy (not that it's a long trip). At least I applied for one job this week. With luck, I'll find more that I qualify for in the Sunday paper. On the bright side, at least my neighborhood isn't as obnoxious as Sean's.

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