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Back from the concert

LiveJournal ate my post. I'm getting tired of this. I want a real browser again, which would help a lot. IE is sucking big, cranky, munky-flavored rocks.

Anyway, I went to the concert. Lucky Lab has really slow service. Upstairs has very live acoustics, which worked well for this show since the audience was respectful. Concert was good. Heather Alexander will be playing again in two weeks, and I'll probably go again.

Had 2 pints. Throat hurts. Bah. Mom didn't bug me about drinking, which is a nice change from last year when she wouldn't let me have one wine cooler over an hour before going home. The stout at Lucky Lab is ok but nothing exceptional. Better than at the pub in the little town on the train ride Saturday, although that's not much of a feat (that was the lightest-tasting dark beer I'd ever had), but not as good as at McMenamin's.

LiveJournal tried to eat my post again, but this time I was too smart for it and had the damn thing in clipboard. Fuck spellcheck, it's causing badness. Y'all will just have to deal with my spelling errors.

Also, it didn't post with my music, mood, or pic keyword. Editing to fix. GRRHRHRHRHRAAAAH

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