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Where does all the time go?

Urk. I'm going to a potluck of my mom's friends later today, and I have no idea what to bring. Jeanette is bringing 2 desserts already, so I probably shouldn't bring cookies or other baked goods. Al the other things I'm good at making taste best warm. I pretty much would need to use the oven at Kay's and I doubt that would work out. The other thing I like to make for potlucks is a meat dish, and I think Kay would be pissed if someone other than her started providing main course type food. Plus, I think I left the electric wok at mom's house, and I need it to cook that anyway. (Although they probably have a wok at Kay's, too.)So grr. All I'm really good at is main courses and baked goods. I consider myself to be quite good as a baker(I did all the baked goods except for the cake for my mom's wedding), and I have a few meat dishes that most people like. But my salad-making skills are pretty much limited to those bags you buy, and I can't think of any good side dishes that can be served cold. I could make a fruit salad, but I'm sure someone else will be too. I'm also hampered by lack of a good cookbook. Dad only has a Better Homes and Gardens one. Mom has a whole bunch, and I got used to that. The only one I have is the Betty Crocker Cooky Book that I stole from mom because I was the only one who ever used it. *sigh*. I want to take biscuits with stuff in them (probably diced pepperoni and cheese) but that would kind of require using Kay's oven, since they wouldn't be good cold. I wish I had domestic skills. I never took home ec, because I was in choir. I took cooking in high school, but the fire marshal declared our ovens unsafe so the class basically couldn't cook most of the semester. I suppose I could make a sausage and cold cuts tray or something.

In other domestic news, I still haven't started sewing my back to school clothes. I'm scared to wash the fabric, in case it bleeds. I know it's silly, but I'm worried I'll ruin all my nice fabric by washing it. Of course, if it did do any such thing, it would be much better for me to know about it before sewing it into clothes that I plan to wear a lot. But still. About $250 worth of fabric. It scares me. I've never spent that much on fabric at one time before. It's going to turn into 6 pairs of pants, a skirt and two tops. (The tops are stretch velvet, which drove the price up a lot.) I have only 2 weeks to get this done, and I just wasted this entire weekend for no good reason. I have no time-management skills.

I'm getting cranky about going back to school. I really hate the fact that I'm going to have to find a way to get all of my crap in a tiny dorm room again. I'm sure it will be less than half of the size of my current room, which will probably mean that I won't have a good workspace again this year. I really need a nice big table for homework, cooking and sewing on. The little teeny desk they squeeze in is almost completely eaten by my computer monitor. I hate trying to do math without a big enough space to have a book and my notes open while I work. It would, obviously, be impossible to sew on such a desk. Cooking I could just shift to the communal kitchen, but I often like to do a lot of the prep work in my room, where my refrigerator is. If I could put an oven and sink in my room, I would. The communal kitchen is always icky. People always leave dishes and food garbage in the sink. I think this is because most of them come from homes with disposals, which the school does not have. So they think the Sink Fairy will make it all better. One of my goals for grad school is to go someplace with actual apartments within walking distance of campus. I'm very sick of campus housing, but I refuse to commute to school every day when I can live right there. I want my own kitchen. I could live with a set-up like Sean had his first year of grad school, with a shared bathroom but private kitchen, but I'm very sick of not having my own cooking space. This is probably partly because all I ever have to lug to the bathroom is a few towels, some shampoo and a toothbrush, whereas I have to lug all manner of pots, pans and dishes down to the kitchen, not to mention ingredients. Also because no one thinks there is a disposal in the shower.

I think I'm going to like my classes this year though, except for writing my thesis. I'm done with required classes, except that I need one more communications class of 300 level or better and I have to write my thesis. Other than that, it's all electives. So I'm taking a communications class, my thesis class, a CS class, a math class and choir. I might add another CS class, we'll see. I'm hoping to get on the programming competition team. I also need to study like crazy for the CS subject test GRE, which is going to chew me up, spit me back out and stomp on me just for fun. It doesn't allow calculators, which all of our CS classes allow. Ick. Binary in my head. Ickickick. Algorithm stuff in my head. Ick^9. Discrete math in my head. Ick^ick. Anyway, I'm not looking forward to it. The regular GRE shouldn't be too bad, although the math section might be kind of icky. I'll have taken a lot more math than it assumes, though, I think. My understanding is that it doesn't even test calculus. I'm not too worried about verbal stuff, because I got an 800 on that part of the SAT and it looks similar. Also because I doubt computer science programs will really give a fat damn if I have a high verbal score. I'm just worried about the CS subject test. I don't think I'll have to take any other subject tests, if I'm lucky. Some schools might like to look at the math one, but I'm sure I'd Horribly Flunk that, so it's not worth considering. I don't know if there even is a communications one, but I'm not planning to go on with that, so it would be silly to take a test on it in any case. Everything else I probably don't know enough of to do well on a subject test in anyway.

I want more summer. Only 2 weeks left, and I'm taking math anyway. I've been taking classes since May. I got about 2 weeks of summer vacation before I started taking classes. Oh well. That's as much vacation as people in real jobs get, I guess.

I still have boxes I haven't unpacked from when school got out in the Spring. Go me.

I suppose I'd better start scanning cookbooks for a recipe to take to that potluck.

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