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Grammy's Birthday

We celebrated Grammy's 76th birthday today. Her birthday isn't until Thursday, but she's volunteering at Loaves and Fishes then. I baked her a coconut cake, since that's the kind she wanted. I've never baked tht kind of cake before, so it was kind of an adventure. It turned out well, though. I also bought her some maple nut ice cream, since she said that she hasn't been able to find it for a few years. She said that she hasn't had a party with a cake and everything in years. She seemed pretty happy that we did it this year. I feel kind of bad, since I like to bake, so I should have been doing this for her all along.

She's going to Idaho for two weeks to visit her brother and sister, so I'm not going to be over there doing chores for a while. We didn't really do any chores this week, either. We were both tired, so we read and took naps while the dishwasher ran, then I put the special plates away since they go on a high shelf.

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