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Why do I do this?

I looked through a huge ass list for Cosplay sites to try to find more picture of Siobahn and maybe one of greatblondelf. What do I find? One of shademalek, who wasn't, you know, in costume particularly. It's part way down here, probably of interest if you know him, thus I'm not bothering to explain which one: http://www.dudelovenext.net/sakuracon2k3/221-240.html

greatblondelf and Siobahn, I think the internet fame gods hate you.

Today, I played 4 games of DDR at Wunderland with clipdude and qousqous. I'm going to want to die tomorrow. I think this is the first time I've ever gotten an A on any song (stop laughing). Whee. I also got another stuffed bear out of a claw machine. This one is leopard print. qousqous got two stuffed animal keychains at once out of one of those machines. It was pretty cool. I was really late getting there because I left the house a little late, got stuck in traffic, and then had to wait for a drawbridge. Bah.

I so should be asleep by now. Scenic train ride bright and fucking early tomorrow.

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