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Yesterday was actually something of a doing-stuff day

Yesterday, I finally got around to going through DEQ. Wednesday afternoons more than a week before then end of the month are a good time to go, and there was no line at all. My car had no trouble passing, which isn't surprising because it never has before. I'm quite pleased with my car in general. For an '84 it's in remarkably good shape and still runs just fine. The main things I wish is that the air conditioning still worked and that it had built-in cup holders, and neither of those is a big deal. Well, and that I could solve my stereo issues. But the actual car runs fine and gets pretty decent gas mileage. I got almost 350 miles out of the last tank, and I usually get between 250-300, which really isn't bad. (My car usually takes about 10 gallons to fill up, although it took about 11 and a half when I went 350 without getting gas.)

After passing DEQ, I finally got a key made for our mailbox so I can have my own copy. Whee. I also bought a bunch of potatoes for they are cheap, yummy, and taste good with sour cream and cheddar cheese on them. I was going to buy corn on the cob, but the corn they had didn't look too good, so I'm going to wait a few more weeks. Bah. I miss corn.

zind4gi came over and had dinner with me and clipdude. Then we played Scrabble, which I am not very good at, especially after having had a margarita. I'm not a word games person. I think part of the problem is that it's hard to confine myself to things which are in English, not proper nouns, and not acronyms, so I keep seeing something I can't do and getting blocked. I prefer Trivial Pursuit, although I'm not that good at that either. I sent zind4gi home with some my extra food, and I think I can eat most of the rest of it (although I forgot to give him the lettuce, so I guess I'll be making some salads).

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