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Birthday party wrap-up

Well, my party went fine. clipdude, diantha, zind4gi, joyquality, and qousqous all came. I had some trouble finding diantha at the airport, because she told me to wait in the Hillsboro Aviation building and it was locked. We called each other on our cell phones and finally met right outside the building. The Hillsboro Airport is so weird.

It turns out that zind4gi lives really close to me, which is weird because there are a whole cluster of LJ people out this way (he's the closest though, edging out brad). I still think of where I live as the middle of nowhere, though. If I ever get a job, I plan to move someplace with decent public transit within easier walking distance, ideally not far from downtown. I want to live just far enough from downtown that my friends can park for free on street without much trouble when they come visit.

Anyway, the party went well, although my kitchen is still recovering. I have a few more dishes to do (mostly just the pitcher which is a pain because it is so tall and a few things I've been letting soak after I got the last soaking batch done) and I need to clean off the top of the stove, but it's not too bad. I also need to wipe down all of the counters and really scrub the cutting boards since I didn't rinse them right away. I have a lot of frozen margarita stuff left, though. Those of you who are over 21 and like frozen margaritas are encouraged to call me and invite yourselves over.

I way overestimated how much food I'd need, so I have leftover cans of beans, taco shells, shredded cheese, sour cream, and probably other things I'm forgetting. I also have half a cake left. I could easily have the whole party over again, stuffwise (minus some vegetables). Except for the cake, I could probably do it twice or three times more. Oh well. The beans and margaritas will keep, the lettuce was cheap, and I like everything else well enough that it will probably get eaten before it goes bad. I am considering the sour cream my "personal project", mostly because that means I get to cook beef stroganoff again and have baked potatoes with dinner a lot. Mostly, I'm not sure I'll get through all of the tortillas, since I had 30 left at the end of the party. That's a lot of tacos, and there isn't a whole lot else to do with tortillas. (One can, of course, vary the taco fillings, but still.)

zind4gi had to leave early, so he mostly only got to have dinner. It made me wish I'd started the party earlier so he could have had some cake, too. Oh well. Everyone else stayed until it was far too late at night and played Eat Poop You Cat, which was a lot of fun. clipdude's sentence ended up somewhat dirty, which was only fitting. I wish I had a functional scanner so I could share the fun.

The day after the party, clipdude and diantha helped me clean up the kitchen and then we went to Powell's. I bought myself two more Mercedes Lackey books that they had used, but resisted the allure of new books. I need to start getting things out of the library again now that I have enough spare time to read things in a timely manner. The local library doesn't seem to have much in the way of my kind of junk, though, so I'll have to drive a bit. I should check and see if the local one has the new (well, since I last checked about 4 years ago) Chris Crutcher book, though, since that's the kind of book that libraries tend to buy. I have no idea why I like his books (YA books about high school sports and guys in high school growing up, mostly) but I do.

Today clipdude and I mostly hung around the house and watched my Babylon 5 tapes. We're up to 4th season now. I wish the rest of the DVDs would hurry up and come out. My tapes are all off of television and aren't always labeled as well as I'd like, and plus the widescreen version that I taped off SciFi keeps having problems so we keep having to revert to the normal version I taped off of TNT (I have tapes of the original broadcast airings for some of 3rd and all of 4th seasons as well, but I didn't have cable so the quality stinks, and plus they're on tapes with other stuff on them too). Every time I've taped a series or miniseries off of SciFi we've had at least one problem with a part of an episode being missing or something (I pretty much never watch TV live). I've decided that they just suck and have quality control issues or something. That or our cable is cursed.

Oh, and I have absurd amounts on nacho cheese sauce. I really wanted some for my party, but the only way I know to buy it is in #10 cans from Costco, and that was way more nacho cheese sauce than is possible to eat at a party unless you know a lot more people than I do. diantha and I stopped at the store on the way to my place from the airport and bought a bunch of 4oz canning jars, though, so I decanted it into those and put them all into the fridge. I figure 4oz is about the right amount of cheese sauce for a snack, and if you take off the lid you can just pop the jars into the microwave and then dip chips into them. I wonder how long it keeps. The can just said to refrigerate leftovers and gave no clue on a timescale.

My sleep schedule is all messed up, which is what always happens when clipdude stays over for a while. I'm just now starting to get tired, and I have to get up at a reasonable hour in the morning so I can drop off my ballot and meet mom and grammy for lunch. I was going to go through DEQ as well, but I'll put that off until Wednesday since I didn't get my ballot turned in today and that must be done tomorrow, whereas I have until the end of June to deal with DEQ. I can't believe it's time to go through DEQ again. It seems like I just did that. Bah. It least it passed easily last time, so it shouldn't have have trouble this time either.
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