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I'm not a lemur

Last night animepdx met at qousqous's. We pretty much had ass for turn out this month; just me, giapet, qousqous and keturn. We had fun anyway, though. I baked and brought 6 dozen cookies and all but 4 were gone when I left. We watched the first 3 episodes of CCS. It's the first time I've watched it since my thesis of doom cooled me on it. I spent over an hour figuring out which box I'd packed my tapes in. There was also much biting, piling on people, hugging, and rampant silliness. Also stickers. And kitty ears.

Then qousqous and I took giapet and keturn to square, since they hadn't been. We also took them to the batcave. (These are both Ian-named places, he's terrible about stuff like that.) Since qousqous was driving, we of course took the long twisty way everywhere, so this took hours (not that I'm complaining). Then we hung out for a while, and then I drove giapet to her aunt's house and went home.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and a bit of a runny nose. Bah. I went to Costco and bought, among the rest of the groceries, a gallon and a half of orange juice. I ended up spending $55.01, which is a really weird amount (we have no sales tax in Oregon, so due to the prevalence of $*.99 pricing totals usually end up being $*.70-$*.99). I think it's because of the meat, since I did buy a package of ground beef. Then I cleaned up the kitchen because of the cookie-bakin' yesterday. I'm trying to not have the house be too filthy when dad gets home tonight. I still need to clean up the mess I made opening boxes looking for CCS.

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