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Happy May Day

Whee. When I was younger, I used to make may baskets, cut flowers from the yard, and give them to all of the neighbors. I kinda miss that. I don't even know any of dad's neighbors.

I was going to go to diantha's thesis presentation today, but my car had a flat tire and the van (which I was going to borrow instead when I saw the flat) had a dead battery and died twice after we jumped it (we're now using a battery charger instead), so I ended up taking the car in for a new tire instead. Bah. Sorry, Sarah ^_^;.

It has also come to my attention that I screwed up when I was uploading Reflections and Refractions last night. The links should work now. I'm tempted to redo the main page, but I think I'll just leave it as-is. I don't want to completely rework it because I'm not updating it anymore and this way it's more representative of the time when I was writing. Also, I'm lazy.

I remember when I used to like basketball playoffs. Now I just want them to be over so dad will stop watching them every night. The Blazers won again last night, so we have at least one more game to go (The series is 3-2, with the other team having won the first three games).

My birthday is coming up. I suppose I should start planning a party. I guess I could have everyone over for tacos again. Last year we went to Rock Creek Tavern, but it has burned down. Bah. This year sucked. My favorite tavern burned down, grad school kicked my ass, and two of my relatives died. Plus, I'm drifting apart from my friends and everyone is moving away.

Anyway, birthday party. Odds are, it'll be the weekend after the 15th , which is a Thursday, on either Friday or Saturday night. Who wants to come? What should I do? We could celebrate the 2 year anniversary of port/starboard, I suppose.

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