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Entry from my other journal

I wrote an entry in my other journal, and it turned out to be fairly short, so I'll post it here as well.

I had a dream about Sean again last night. I was over at what was, in the dream, Chris C.'s house, although in reality it doesn't look a thing like it. We were playing some bizarre board game that involved multiple yellow blocks for playing pieces, some sort of neat thing at the bottom and a cave in the center. Anyway, we were waiting for other people to show up. (I'm not sure who. Probably 2 or 3 other (K|Ch)rises, a Kelly or two and maybe a Sarah.) Anyway, Sean just showed up on his doorstep with no warning. Then he came over to me and gave me a very awkward hug and kissed me. I can't explain the exact kind of awkward. Baaaah. Anyway, then my alarm went off, so gods only know what was going to happen in the dream. This is not the way I wanted my day to start. I have to go to class today and then be nice to Tom's daughter Kelly. I think I'm going to interpret "entertain her" to mean "show her episodes of Card Captor Sakura until she begs to do something else."

I'd better get to class, actually.

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