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Sakura Con

Well, I went to Sakura Con with greatblondelf and his girlfriend Siobhan (which is quite possibly not spelled that way, but I think that's kind of close). I was kind of disappointed. There usually wasn't very much stuff going on. However, I did get to see the beginning of several anime series that I hadn't seen before and I also got to spend godawful amounts of money on some cds I had been wanting. I also went to some panels, which ranged from really cool to downright awful. The guy running the filking panel did not even show up >.<. However, the guy running the panels on metal casting for cosplay and the metallurgy of Japanese swords was really, really cool and knew what he was talking about in both cases.

I decided not to wear my costume because it really wasn't finished yet and I didn't want to wear something that half-assed. Siobhan cosplayed as Kenshin all three days, and greatblondelf went as someone (I've cleverly managed to forget who) from GTO on Friday but didn't get recognized once so he gave up and dressed normally (for him) on the other two days. ("Normally" is a loose term that can include some really spiffy boots.)

I ran into shademalek on Sunday, but we didn't stop to talk or anything. We were both going opposite directions and anyway it's kind of silly to hang out with people who you can hang out with at other times when you're at a convention and have a limited amount of time to do stuff.

greatblondelf, Siobhan and I also rented some anime to watch after we came home from the con on Saturday night, mostly stuff we'd seen part of at the con. Mahoromatic is great, His and Her Circumstances is boring, at least if you've been drinking. It has a very cute, very flat dog in it though. We also rented Fancy Lala again since Siobhan hadn't seen it before and caught an episode of it at the con and wanted to see the rest of it. greatblondelf's monitor crapped out on us halfway through the third episode, though, so I still haven't seen beyond the fourth episode. This would annoy me less if I hadn't seen some of the other episodes on that DVD three and four times already. I have to rent it agaaaaaiiiiin before I can move onto the second disc. Guh.

I'm not sure I'll bother going to cons in the future. It was a heck of a lot of money to spend when I mostly watched anime that I could easily rent and went to panels that, by and large, were of no greater quality of information than I could find easily on the internet (the metal guy was an exception).

I also had too much caffeine on my way home tonight and my stomach is hating me a lot. I broke our no-caffeine-and-limited-sugar agreement repeatedly during the con, and it has decided to punish me for it. I feel more like crap after drinking a large soda than I do after a night of drinking. Go me. My gas light also came on when I was close to home, so I'll have to get gas on my way to choir tomorrow. I got over 300 miles before the light came on though, which I think is a record for my car.

Oh, and happy belated birthday to kefkafloyd. I was too busy to post this weekend, so I'm wishing you one now. ^_^;

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