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Stuff everywhere but not what I'm looking for

In the latest in the costume saga, now I can't find my goddamn strapless bra. Clearly, it is in a box somewhere. Probably, this box is even somewhere in this house. However, I think I've looked in the likely boxes, expect for my costume box, which I cannot find.

On the bright side, I'm finding all kinds of other crap, like a bunch of cds that I haven't seen in a year or so.

I'm torn because, theoretically, I don't need a bra with this costume. I *could* just sew the top so that it is tight and, in playing around with it I think it would support my breasts ok if I was careful. However, if I do that I'm worried I'd screw it up and my breasts would pop out in the middle of the con and then I'd have to spontaneously combust due to embarrassment. Plus then the outline of my nipples might be visible. I hate my breasts.
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