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modern medicine

My wrists still hurt after my bike adventure about 2 weeks ago, so I finally went to the doctor today. Some little bone or other was out of alignment in my right wrist, and my doctor thinks that she's put it back now. I also had to go to a special x-ray clinic and get a bunch of x-rays taken from various angles. Depending on what they show, I may need casts. Bah. I also got a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, which I'll fill tomorrow (my appointment was in the afternoon and by the time I was done with the x-rays I barely had time to get dinner before choir). I've never had a cast. I hope I don't need one, or worse yet two. Especially since I need to do a bunch of sewing and driving this week, both of which could be tricky with wrist casts.

I have, however, solved the car stereo problem (some ass stole my faceplate out of my purse and it'd take $175 that I don't have to buy a new one). I bought some cheap speakers at Radio Shack yesterday to plug into the headphone jack of my cd player. They weren't quite powerful enough, but when dad found out what I was trying to do he dug out an old pair of computer speakers that worked just fine. Now I can have music while I drive to Seattle. If I have time I'll probably make mix cds. It's a pain to switch cds when you're by yourself, but I suppose taking a break every 80 minutes or so wouldn't kill me. Or I can just listen to the same one the whole way there. I don't suppose anyone on my friends list wants to carpool to Seattle with me this weekend?

I feel so busy, which is stupid because I have no job. However, tomorrow I spend the day with Grandma and then go over to clipdude's house, which means I won't be back until obnoxiously late. I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow before midnight because that's when a lot of my good coupons expire. Also I need to watch a dvd that's due Wednesday and make some serious progress on my costume. I want to have either the dress or everything else done so I can work on the other of those two on Wednesday. I also need to get my ass to someplace that sells ice skating tights so I can buy a pair, assuming they come in my size ("huge"). That costume shows way too much leg for Seattle this time of year, and plus it's short enough in the front that the character is wearing part-of-the-costume-"underwear", which means I need to do the same and the best way to make clear that it's Part Of The Costume is to wear tights under it. Not to mention that I hate my legs, and anything at all covering them is an improvement. at least then they'll be a uniform color rather than their blotchy and probably razor-burned selves. (Guh. I suppose this means I also need to find my damn razor. I HATE shaving my legs.)

Oh, and I'd just like to go on record as disliking April Fools's Day. I hate being lied to, even if it's "all in fun". Silly pranks are ok in small doses, but so many of them seem mean-spirited or, at best, poorly-thought-out. (One year, someone piled all of the shower curtains from one of the dorms in the main lounge. Kinda sucked for people who wanted to take showers for a few days or however long it was until they got them all back up, especially since they were co-ed bathrooms for the most part.) I especially hate all of the internet fake stuff. It's just dumb.

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