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Well, I finally decided to just pick a costume and buy fabric for it, seeing as the con is less than a week away ^_^;;. I decided to go as the female main character from Legend of Mana ( the one on the right here: http://www.squaresoft.com/web/games/LOM/graphics/char-shot1.jpg I looked all over the damn place but everyone who had a screenshot of that had the highlight on the male character >.< ) It's a little more revealing than I had in mind for a costume, but the only other character I was thinking of doing was wearing a kimono and those are just so complicated. This, at least, I can pretty much improvise the details. Now I just have to be diligent about sewing this week and figure out how to get my hair to do that. The fabric I bought is kind of weird, but it was cheap and reasonably opaque, and who the hell can tell what kind of fabric she's wearing anyway? At least it's washable. I'm not really happy with the red, since I thought that they didn't have red int he kind of fabric I wanted, so I got another kind. Then, after I'd already had that cut I noticed that they had red in the other kind underneath the rest of it. >.< Oh well.

My Sims game is all fucked up. They had chips stuck on the floor and 3 guests who wouldn't leave (as well as a dead repairman) so I applied the patch. However, the guests still won't leave and are whining and peeing all over the floor, and also the maid, gardener and repairman have all decided to boycott their house >.< . At least the patch moved the guests into the bedroom instead of the nice bathroom with the expensive tub in it. Bah. I think this means that it's time for me to find a new hobby. Or start a new neighborhood and hope they come out with a better patch so I can go back to the other one someday.

Other than that, I've been doing fairly well. I tried going on a longer bike ride the other day, but I got lost and ended up going on a much longer bike ride to try to get unlost. This caused my legs to start trembling pretty badly and I finally had to get off the bike and walk it that last two or three blocks back. That sucked a lot so I'm back doing my shorter route again until I have some time to sit down with some maps and figure out a good longer route that I won't get lost on. Lousy cul-de-sac infested neighborhoods.

The kitchen is such a mess. I've been cooking meals for myself and sometimes clipdude all week and haven't really done a thorough wash-everything-and-scrub-the-countertops job on it in all that time. I'm terrible about cleaning stuff up. Bah. I can sew and cook though, so I'm still doing better on "domestic stuff" than a lot of people my age. I also am pretty handy with a variety of power tools and can turn a pile of wood into a mildly functional stool or box made of wood, so I guess I'm doing ok. I can also carve a mean pumpkin, but that's much less useful (although it also involves the power tools).

Dad's going to have a fit when he comes home tomorrow if I don't do some cleaning when I wake up, especially if he realizes that it's going to be sewing central all over the computer room for the next week. I'd better do his mending while I have my sewing stuff out so as to not completely drive him nuts. I also really need to buy groceries. I used up the last of the frozen peas, canned green beans and milk and almost all of the butter, flour and pineapple. I also melted part of the handle off of his spatula. ^_^;

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