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Goals update


- Ride my bike at least 3 times a week, hopefully every day
Only missed once this week, on Friday. I Was really sore and had blisters on my feet from taking a long walk on Thursday, so I skipped it.

- Locate a tank top or other sleeveless shirt and spend an hour outside in it a day so that my arms will lose their lack-of-sun rash
It hailed today. Screw this goal.

- Wash my face every day
I was actually good about this this week. I'm not sure it's making any difference, though.

- Floss every day, even when I am tired
Doing fine on this one.

- Figure out something to make my hair less scraggly (this may involve getting a trim for the first time since 10th grade)
A complete stranger came up to me at Pagan Faire and told me how nice and healthy they thought my hair looked, so I've kind of gone off this goal. Since no complete stranger (or, in fact, anyone but my mother) rags on me for my hair being all different lengths, I'll conclude that it looks fine the way it is.

- Do some sort of upper body workout at least 3 times a week, in hopes that I won't embarrass myself trying to carry stuff
I tried to do the upper body workout on our rowing machine, but I've forgotten how and almost hit myself in the head. Bah.

- Include some sort of vegetable with dinner. This is more of a general and long-term goal, but it might as well get put here too.
Fine at home, terrible when eating out.

- Eat fruit or vegetable based rather than bread and cheese based snacks (another general goal)
I've been good about this, although I should probably branch out from canned pineapple. It's still almost certainly better for me than bread and cheese, even if it is high in sugars.

- Determine which of my sweaters have stains and remove either the stains or the sweaters
I'm lucky to get my required laundry done.

- Walk up and down the stairs when I'm bored or restless
Haven't really been bored or restless because Chris has been over.

- Learn how to iron, and use this skill to get the wax off of all of my nice tops and my 4th pair of jeans (and off the kitchen floor, while I'm at it)
We own an iron? I wonder what it looks like...

- Find my 3rd bra, which is probably in a box in the garage and hopefully is in better shape

- Assess my underwear, discard the pairs with lots of holes and buy more until I have 2 weeks worth
This costs money, and as such is on hold.

- Learn to darn and then fix my socks
I asked the lady selling sewing supplies at Pagan Faire if she had any darning needles, but she was out. So I'm counting that as some progress.

A bit better than last week, but still quite a bit of room for improvement. This week, I'm going to try to lengthen my bike ride a bit, although I haven't quite decided where. I didn't fall off all week and I can now make it around corners without stopping and re-positioning the bike, so progress is being made. One week until Sakuracon. I am so not getting around to making a costume like I thought I would. Oh well.

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