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They called again today. >.<

We now know that it is a collection agency, which would explain why they keep calling except:

- When we call back, they cannot find our record OR ANY MENTION OF OUR PHONE NUMBER anywhere (we have done this twice) and thus can't explain why they've called

- My dad has no outstanding debts

Last time, we talked to a supervisor and he said he'd put our number on a "do not call" list, but we got called again anyway. >.< Dad said if it happened again to give them his work number, which I did. I also explained the whole calling-back-doesn't-help thing to the woman on the phone, which may or may not have been worth doing (on the whole, people who collection agencies hire to call people aren't the most competent people in the world, or they'd probably switch to a job that didn't involve getting yelled at a lot).

If they call again, I'm going to look into having them prosecuted under Oregon's do not call list. Dad does not have any outstanding debts, so these are unsolicited calls from a group that we do not have a prior business relationship with, and they've called three times now despite a good faith effort (i.e. returning their call each time within 24 hours) on our part to resolve the situation. It's getting to the point of harassment.
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