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I got woken up by the goddamn phone twice more this morning. The first time I didn't feel motivated enough to run into the other room and answer it (this was a bit before 8) and the second time it was the irritating people who insist on talking to my father, won't explain why, and speak with an east coast urban black accent that I find hard to follow (not to mention having names I have a hard time spelling). They called yesterday too. I told them goddamn yesterday that dad was at work, we are on the Oregon No-Call list so they better not be solicitors and that I am a daytime sleeper. They called back in the middle of the day today anyway. They insist that they are not solicitors, but dad has never heard of them and it sounds like a call center in the background. I'm really tired of this. I need a good night's sleep. I need people to stop calling and waking me up. They always call after I've gotten enough sleep that I'm not tired, but not enough sleep that I am well-rested. If they are solicitors after all this I'm reporting them to the goddamn attorney general. I've had it.

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