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The phone hates me

In the last 24 hours, I have been woken up by phone calls 3 times. GRRRRR.

In completely unrelated news, I'm probably going to Pagan Faire this Saturday, since both Cecilia Eng and Heather Alexander will be performing (separately). I've never heard Cecilia Eng live before. She's only playing for a 1/2 hour though. Is anyone else going?

I wouldn't go otherwise since it seems to be run by the wom(a|y)n-centric type of feminists who can really set my teeth on edge (I'm all for people being treated equally regardless of sex or gender, I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to take many of the classes I wanted otherwise, but I find the whole "women are special and need special spaces" part of the feminist movement really insulting and smacking of the Victorian era), but I figure I'll give it a shot since they have good taste in music.

I don't plan to stay for the ritual though, since I have things to do in the evening. Dad's working a booth at the golf show this weekend, but he'll be home for dinner and we have some projects to do.

edit: It's next Saturday (the 22nd). I'll probably still go, but I think dad's busy that weekend. I probably still won't stay for the ritual though just because. I'm not one of those "group religion" people.

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