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How can I be so busy with so little productive happening in my life?

Today, despite being sick, I spent almost the entire day out. I had a doctor's appointment from 1400 to 1500, and then after that I didn't want to go home because I was meeting people for sushi at 1650 and it takes about a half hour to get home when it's not rush hour, so I'd basically have time to go home, touch my front door, and leave again.

So instead, I met qousqous downtown and wandered around. We walked over kind of by the train station and he took pictures. Then we went to Portland City Grill (which we were very underdressed for, it's a fancy restaurant) and had drinks just because we could. Sadly, drinks there aren't cheaper during happy hour, just food. Bah. Pretty view though (it's on the 30th floor of one of the buildings downtown). Next time, I'm going to brush my hair and not wear jeans, although there were a few other people also wearing jeans since it is, after all, Portland. (I wear my hair in a braid and generally only brush it on days that I wash it, because it takes a wave when I braid it wet and if I rebraid it little wisps always stick out.)

Then qousqous and I met joyquality for sushi at this nifty little sushi place that has a model train that the sushi comes by on. I had a fruit salad, salmon and oysters. The oysters were battered, which I wasn't expecting, but it all was pretty good. I ended up spending over $7 for dinner and I'm hungry again now, though. That place is terrible for encouraging impulse choices, but that's probably good for people like me who do better picking things if they can see what they're getting (the oysters I actually ordered, so I didn't get to see them first). clipdude was supposed to meet us there, but got lost and showed up a little before we all wanted to leave. There was also another friend of joyquality's there, Bobby, but I didn't really get to talk to him since he was sitting at the other end of the group.

Then I checked the voicemail on my cell phone (I swear my phone chooses not to ring sometimes) and got a message from my dad saying that safetygoth had called and that game was canceled for good because Eri(c|k)'s work schedule got busy. My guess is that Eri(c|k) and/or Dan don't want to deal with us anymore because we bitched at them last week, but I really don't care. I think I'll start up a GURPS game again, since I'm happier GMing anyway because then when players are annoying, spotlight-hogging twinks I can smack them. Also, I find it more fun to prepare background than to actually roleplay, and mostly what a GM does is prepare a background and some plot hooks for players to interact with. If any of you local people would be interested in playing in a GURPS game if I start running one (probably weekly, but fortnightly would be fine by me too) comment and let me know. If you want more information, comments are good for that too. I'm not going to start up a game with less than 3 players, but if there's interest I would like to run one again. I don't think I want to resurrect the Pirate Illuminati one right now because so few of the previous players can do it (if I get at least 3 people from that group then I'll consider it and just add in new people again, since I do have more plot and it isn't tied to any one character) but I have some other settings bouncing around in my head. Possibly some fantasy, just for a change of pace, although I'm not sure I want to mess with magic since it can be such a setting-destroyer if you assume non-PC people actually use the spells on a regular basis. Or really cheesy SF, if I end up with people would would go for that. I could do another modern game, but not in Europe this time, I suppose. I think it'll probably end up depending on the interests of the people who want to play, assuming I get enough.

I need to get my minis back from Eri(c|k). Bah. Grr. I hate loaning stuff out, it's such a pain getting it back.

Anyway, after calling both safetygoth and my dad back clipdude and I went over to his house and hung out for a while. Now I'm home and not nearly tired enough to go to sleep like I should.

Oh, and qousqous posted the pictures from the meetup here: http://qousqo.us/lj/ . I'm the one in the blue sweater and the grey hat. My boyfriend clipdude and I are the ones holding the sign that qousqous and I (mostly him) made the time before and wearing blue shirts and hats (which was not on purpose) in this picture: http://qousqo.us/lj/s_IMG_0453.JPG . giapet is holding the sign I made All By My Self (and in a big hurry since I wanted a sign that was big and had bells on it to go with the other sign, which is small and does not make noise).

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