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LJ Meetup

Went to the LiveJournal meetup. brad (the site founder), gelasia, zon14, shademalek, giapet, xgirl, zind4gi, ellipsisdbg supervillaingin, qousqous, clipdude, sandy (brad's mother), brad's father and some other people whose names I have forgotten were all there. We had 2 pitchers of Black Butte Porter. Whee. Then some of us played with this big sculpture thingie. qousqous took pictures, which hopefully will be posted soon.

Oh, and we talked to shademalek and he says that SpiritOne has static IP DSL with no bandwidth limits and doesn't mind if you host your own server, so qousqous, clipdude and I are thinking of setting up a hobby server at qousqous's house. The price is quite decent, especially if we can get an educational discount (which we probably can, all 3 of us are students and I currently have their student-priced dialup access, so I don't see it as likely to be an issue). The speed won't be very high (it's just DSL, after all) but it's mostly so we can play with server stuff anyway, and also it's a good place to put all of that crap that no one will ever look at but you want online anyway on basic principle (like large photo albums) since disk space isn't really an issue with your own server.

I hung out with qousqous and clipdude for quite a while and then finally headed home a bit before 0200. I would have been home in about 20 minutes (the Sunset Highway is quite effcient when everyone else is asleep) but there was some big wreck at Cornelius Pass and Cornell, and the road was closed. This is mostly disturbing because this was the second time that a big wreck has completely closed this road at about this spot when I personally was trying to drive on it in the last 6 months or so. It doesn't strike me as a particularly complicated place to drive, so it makes me worry about what kind of lunatics must be driving on it. Since they hadn't bothered to make an official detour (they hadn't last time either) I had to improvise one. The truck behind me followed me, which was a little worrisome because a) I wasn't real sure of the best way to detour and b) I had no idea if they were trying to avoid the mess or trying to follow me home. However, I managed to piece together a route that at least worked (there may have been a shorter one but I wasn't sure if that road went all the way through) and the guy stopped following me once I turned into my neighborhood, so it all worked out. I tend to follow people who look like they know where they're going when I'm lost too (sometimes even when there isn't a detour, I'm just lost and they look confident ^_^;;) so I guess it was just my turn to be the pilot car.

I've had a sore throat since Friday or Saturday, and I don't think talking over the noise in a pizza restaurant and then playing out in the cold was exactly what it wanted me to do tonight. I don't really care, though. I don't have to be anywhere until 1400 tomorrow. However, I kind of want to bake cookies before then because I bitched at the DM last week (and chewed out the pixie-fairy's player, who was being both an annoying twink and a big attention hog) and figure that cookies might help improve my welcome. Will probably sleep soon.

Oh, and joyquality, if you see this I heard a rumor that sushi is happening tomorrow afternoon. Is this true? I am busy from 1400-1500 and from 2000-0000 but am otherwise free. I could go either way on sushi but feel like I never get to see you anymore. Call me?

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