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Guess who's SeanAngsting?

I just finished another entry at my other journal. It is once again full of SeanAngst.

June 15th, 1999 was the first time we ever kissed, just for the record. In many ways, that night was end of who I used to be and the beginning of who I am now. I've been thinking about that a lot recently. There were some other important events that summer that I still think back to a lot, too. I re-read the first month's worth of entries from my old journal, and it reminded me of some many little things. I really miss him. He was someone I would have been happy to spend the rest of my life with, I think. But all of that's long over, except for my heart.

But I try to keep that kind of stuff in my other journal. I doubt that the people reading this really want to hear about Sean, since they don't even know him.

Dad and I finally got my new car stereo installed. I finally can listen to something besides AM radio, which will be nice. I need to decide which cds will live in my car. It's easy with tapes, since I don't really have a tape player in my room anymore, but my cds tend to want to live near the computer. I'll probably have to burn copies of some of them. I'm quite happy about the stereo. In-dash tape and cd for under $200, which is a damn good deal.

I don't seem to have anything interesting to say. Away I go.

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