I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!

Hmm....maybe I should start interacting with the internet again...

Now some of the people I have on my "friends" page are starting to wonder who the heck I am....some of them may remember me from back in my more verbose internet days, when I was a regular on some mailing lists and boards. Some of them don't know me at all, I just lurk on a board that they post on and they seemed to have interesting things to say. Maybe I should start posting on that board....we'll see....I think it would mean enabling cookies, which I tend to be against. Cookies bad. Bah.

I miss the days when my real life friends all kept journals. It used to be that my 2 best friends and I all kept journals that we updated all the time. Now, one of them has stopped journalling and the other I've stopped speaking to. Bah on a stick.

I don't really think I have any real "internet friends" anymore. Back when I was on Yahoo Chat in high school I had a few, but none of us stayed in touch much after that summer. Jessica sent me a Yahoo Message at some point (I think before I actually downloaded messenger, if that's possible) but we never got back in touch. I think I was starting to make friends at Bitterfame, and then Mary deleted everyone's account while I was offline for a month. I figure someone must have pissed her off pretty badly. I never bothered to re-sign up, and neither did a lot of other people. I think that's what kind of turned me off message boards. I'd just recently gotten the "user" level rather than the "newbie" level, which were "water nymph" and I can't remember what, and she deleted the board and everyone's account. I don't think I've really been active on any message boards since. I didn't want to deal with random power-tripping people, and I could find any well-run ones.

I've found 2 or 3 now, but I think if I signed up for an account I'd probably spend my time arguing fan stuff on one of them and trying to come up with clever things to say on another rather than study. Bah on a stick with extra coconuts.

Acck! 'tis time to go get brunch, the first meal of the day on weekends at this crappy-ass school.

Hmm...I seem to be updating this. But not skillfully. Ah well.

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