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Grumble Grumble GRR!

Well, I found out why everyone bought me the wrong size socks for Christmas this year. It appears that Thorlo has changed their sizing around, and they now make a "women's" sock instead of the smaller of the two sizes of unisex socks they used to make. The snag? The women's sock is only for shoe sizes 7-9. the men's is for women's sizes 10.5 and up. In women's sizes, I wear a 9.5 wide, usually. Slightly small men's socks are pretty much perfect for me, as I generally wear slightly small (7.5 wide or 8) men's shoes. Bah. No new socks for me. >.<

Today was also the second choir rehearsal of the term. It's going to be a boring term. We're just doing Mozart's Requiem and nothing else, so there really isn't anything to break the monotony. There's a girl I knew from ORSCC (Erin) in the group this term, though, and that's kind of neat.

Last night, qousqous and I went for a really long drive. We have this tendency to end up on horror movie roads, though. Also, I think I tend to talk his ear off, which might be a bad thing. We ended up somewhere between here and the beach, I think kind of near McMinville. (Which I spelled wrong. I don't care.) He also gave me my Christmas present, which was this really tacky teddy bear he found at Goodwill.

My parents are currently having some sort of mild drama over a tv set that dad sold to mom several years ago and was now going to buy back since she's not using it and she's been bugging me to get it out of her basement. However, apparently it broke and Tom spent a bunch of money getting it repaired and now wants to sell it for more money than dad sold it to mom for in the first place and for about as much as a new tv costs. It's even dumber than it sounds. So we're going to put a different tv in the living room instead. I think dad would like to use this as an excuse to buy a nice new tv, but I don't think we can really afford it.

We got my car back today. The water pump went, taking some belts and pulleys with it. Almost $700. >.< At least it works again. I want to throw a bunch of stuff in the back of it and just take off someplace and start a new life. However, I have no clear plan for where I'd go, and I'm not quite to the point that I'm willing to leave without one.

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