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My legs hurt

Well, I had an interesting last few days, I suppose. Well, Saturday was, anyway.

Boyfriend-Chris was talking to Physics-Sarah (I know about 5 Chris's and 2 or 3 Sarahs, thanks for asking) on AIM the other night, and she mentioned that she wanted to go have adventures. Since Chris and I have also been fairly bored recently, we decided to go have adventures on Saturday. We drove up to the St. Helen's area and went on the medium difficulty Lava Canyon hike and through the easy portion of Ape Cave. Lava Canyon is beautiful. It's probably one of my favorite hikes, even though the trail isn't easy to follow in places. It's nice. A lot of up and down hill, but not so much that you fall over, and a fun suspension bridge. And you see the water flowing and it's beautiful. Obviously, tonight is not my night for proper grammar. My 6th grade block teacher is probably wincing in her sleep. Not that I care. Anyway, Ape Cave was fun, too, although we had the darndest time getting our lantern to work. Apparently, dad put the gas cap on too tight last time, and the rangers had to use pliers to get it off. Then, we had to ask another hiker to light it for us, because we suck. Also, my brain forgot that we call the thingie the lantern fuel goes in a "gas can". I kept calling it a "fuel box". Yay me. I do stuff like that sometimes. But Ape Cave is always an enjoyable walk, too. Then we decided to go to Spiffy's, which is nowhere nearby unless you define "nearby" as "in the same state", for dinner. I had a one-pound cheeseburger, out of sheer curiosity as to whether or not I could eat it. As it turns out, I can. Good. Now I never need to try it again.

I can't remember if I've mentioned Spiffy's in here or not. It's probably my favorite restaurant, for no good reason. Kelly and I discovered it during one of my Hysterical About Sean phases (I've had a lot of those) when we just started driving one night. We started out just driving around Portland, but eventually decided, what the hell, we'll cross a state line. Then we kept going. Eventually, Kelly wanted pancakes, so we stopped at Spiffy's. They don't serve pancakes in the evening, but the restaurant amused us so much that it's been one of my favorites ever since. In 7th grade, "spiffy" and "nifty" were probably my 2 favorite words, so that helped. But the place is just bizarre. It's got religious tracts, fake flowers on each table (in clear vases with fake water in them, no less) and coffee listed as being "market value", a phrase I had previously associated with lobster. Also, it's open 24 hours, which helps, considering the hours I keep. Anyway, I recommend either the burgers or the pancakes, depending on the hour of the day. It's off I-5 at exit 68 (just outside Chehalis, WA) if anyone wants to go check it out. But I digress.

So anyway, on our way back from Spiffy's, I put a Simon and Garfunkel tape in the car. After listening to it far too many times, we started talking about it. Sarah and I then discovered that Chris has never seen the movie The Graduate. Our next goal for the evening became to find a copy and rent it. We do so, and descended upon Chris's house to watch it. Unfortunately, his mother is using the living room, so we hung out in the garden for about a half hour until she's done. We watched the movie and all the DVD extras (the video place didn't have it on VHS, so we paid the extra to rent the DVD version) and then discovered that it was damn late at night. We took Sarah home, but by the time Chris drove me home he was so tired he crashed on my couch.

I had the weirdest dream about Sean that night. A whole bunch of us were driving up to Seattle in a bus, and part of it was on a scary road about the width of a bike path. I think I was driving. Anyway, we get to this parking lot and some sort of weird thing or other was happening. I think some of us ended up battling some sort of supernatural thing or other. Then I go find Sean, and tell him I'm going to stay with him and protect him and figure out what's happening. And that I don't want to be alone until I've figured it out. In the dream, I also got to meet his current girlfriend, who had a different name in the dream because I can never remember her real one. (I've never met her.) So anyway, apparently my dreams now feature me scampering off to protect ex-boyfriends that are far more competent than me in pretty much every way. Ah well. So that was interesting.

I woke up when Boyfriend-Chris came into my room (without knocking! grr!) to see what we were going to do that day. I chased him off, because that dream weirded my out and I wanted to think about it, and also because I wanted to spend the day with my dad. It turned out that dad spent the whole dad at work and then with his girlfriend, though. I went over to mom's house to try on my shoes for her wedding, so I wasn't at home alone the whole time, at least. The shoes are not something I'd have picked at all (bone-colored sandals), but they fit well enough.

On the way home, I decided to stop by Target and buy some new socks, because I think my dad's washer has been eating mine. First, I stopped by the anime video store in the same parking lot, which I always mean to do I but I either seem to be in too much of a hurry or think of it in the middle of the night. Anyway, it turned out to be a really neat store, although I think it's targeted at people who can speak and read Japanese, which I can't. I finally figured out where they kept the subtitled tapes (A little corner in the back) after wandering around lost for a while. (All the signs in the store were in Japanese, so I had no idea what they said.) Anyway, they had Escaflowne, so I rented the first tape. Fortunately, the rental contract thingie was in both English and Japanese, so I was able to read it. It turned out to be a lot better than the dubbed version. Hitomi's voice in the dub always made me want to throw things.

I ended up buying an awful lot of stuff at Target. I realized that I really needed to get a bathing suit before they left the stores again this year, because of my 2 current ones, one has a hole in it and the elastic wore out in the shoulder straps of the other, so I have to tie it back with something so it'll stay on. Anyway, I found 1 1/2 bikinis that I liked. The first workable bottom I found had a top designed for a flat-chested person, which I am not. I don't understand who would wear a size 16 bikini top and be flat-chested, actually. It only covers the breasts. If you normally wear a size 16 because of, say, broad shoulders or a big stomach, you could go down a size. I don't think many women have that girth of upper torso yet no breasts. So anyway, the largest top didn't exactly fit. So much for mix-and-match your size. But I found the perfect bikini bottom, which I previously did not believe existed. Then I just had to find a top that wouldn't clash with it and would actually contain both of my breasts at once. When I finally found that top, I decided to try on the shorts-style bikini bottom that went with it, too. They fit, and it's always good to have a back up. It seems to me like it's the bottom part that'd be most icky to put on again without washing, anyway. I'm still going to look for another top, though, because then I'd have 2 wearable bikinis, which would be highly amusing. This is the first time I've bought bikinis since I stopped wearing children's sizes.

Target also had the new D3's, so I bought the 2 colors they had, purple and green. I opened the purple one already. I like the little games much better in this version. I have the feeling the block game will amuse me for a while. However, it seems to be a hell of a lot harder to get the digi-eggs in this version. Or maybe I'm just out of practice. If my old D3 didn't need new batteries, I'd test out my theory by trying to get a digi-egg on it. Ah well, some other day. Amazingly enough, I also remembered to buy socks. I picked up a headset for my cell phone, too, since the speaker in the phone itself seems to be fucking up recently and I'd like to be able to hear people when they call me. I barely got out for under 100 bucks. Yay my bank account. But except for the 2 D3's, it was all stuff I actually needed.

Part of me really wants to show Sean my new bathing suit, because I think he'd like it. He's always been a big fan of short skirts and satiny underwear, and that's what the bottom looks like. I hate it that my brain still thinks about this kind of stuff. It's been over a year. Ack. Anyway. My brain sucks.

Today was pretty boring. I mostly watched the Nickelodeon Games and Sports channel. It's frickin' addictive. Dad and I also went to Costco, and I bought more blank video tapes and Bisquick. I really need to go through and catalog all the stuff I've been taping, so I know which episodes I have and therefore don't need to tape again. I know I probably have 4 or 5 copies of some Digimon episodes, but I haven't actually watched them, so I don't know if they taped properly. Because I live on the west coast, I get sports interrupting my favorite tv shows a lot. I really, really hate that.

Also, dad found a piece of metal in his calzone tonight at Old Chicago. That was kind of exciting. We ended up getting it for free, which was nice. They'd have to do more than put metal in our food once to drive us away though. It's one of the restaurants we go to the most often. Most of the staff recognize us, which is a little scary. My longer-than-waist-length hair and cowboy hat probably help, though. Dad got rid of his ponytail a while back though, so now he looks more or less normal, except for having a beard. I've never seen him without one.

I have completely avoided doing my homework today. Go me.

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