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Busier than I meant to be

Well, today I slept in late. However, this did not cause me to get a good night sleep, as I also stayed up really late. clipdude and I went to qousqous's house yesterday, which was fun. We played Compatibility, which I lost badly. Ah well. We then went grocery shopping, which was uneventful. I wanted to go the downtown Meier and Frank and ride on the escalator, but no one else wanted to so we went back to qousqous's house again. Eventually we decided to go play Port/Starboard for a long time, with clipdude as helmsman since it was his car and no one else knew how to drive a stick, qousqous as captain and me as peanut gallery. His car really isn't much fun to be the peanut gallery in. My knees were touching the back of qousqous's seat the whole time. Oh well. We went to Dairy Queen in Damascus and I got a root beer float. I had wanted to go the A&W drive-in, but it was closed. Bah.

Today, I went to go see safetygoth, who I haven't seen since my birthday. Some greet friends they haven't seen in a while with news of their lives, others with a simple "hello". However, I do not believe it is traditional to be greeted by "holy shit, we have a doorbell?" It was, however, pretty funny. I may greet the next missionaries who come to my door by saying that, actually. I have no idea if not many people come to Jeff's house or if no one else noticed the doorbell because it was a little lower to the ground than a lot of them are. It did kind of blend in with the house.

We went over to Eri(c|k)'s apartment and I worked on creating a character for the hackmaster game that he's running. We were all going to play Tunnels and Trolls and/or Munchkin today afterwords, but Eri(c|k) ran into an old friend online, Jeff had cooking to do, and my mother called me to tell me that it was my grandparents' anniversary and that dinner was at 18:00. Oh well, I got the character mostly created. I'm going to play a cleric. This will make any one who has seen either of the religious types I have played before wince and whimper. I would have rather been a ranger, but I rolled a dex of 5 and didn't want to spend the points to raise it all the way up to 13. This cleric will neither be a missionary nor a cult leader, however, so it should be less obnoxious than Dusan and carvel were. He is going to be a cranky hermit who lives in a cave by the sea, shaking his trident at passerby and writing semi-coherent commentaries on his religion. I have yet to figure out why he wants to go adventuring, but I suppose that he could hear a rumor of some artifact of the god needing rescuing and maybe being wherever we're going or something.

I wasn't at all hungry for dinner and we went to that barbecue place I hate anyway, so I only got through one of my two side dishes and less than half of the huge amount of chicken I ended up with. Oh well, I have another good meal or two in doggie bags in the fridge now, which will come in handy if I feel lazy in the next few days.

Tomorrow I start choir again. I can't decide if I'm looking forward to it or not. At least I seem to be over my sore throat.

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