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I have a sore throat, a headache and my skin hurts when fabric brushes up against it. My nose is also having mild issues. This is probably related to the fact that I've been staying out all night with friends lately, and possibly also to the fact that Ian is sick, although with different symptoms. If I have his icky illness of doom, I'm going to have to drive Reno and kill him.

Anyway, as a result I did pretty much nothing today but huddle in a pile of blankets and watch Babylon 5. Whee.

Last night, I went to try to see the Fairly Rapid Movie with clipdude and qousqous. It was supposed to start at 1900, and I had assumed that it was being screened in some kind of community venue. In reality, it was in some random people's house, they were showing it in their basement (the "fuck pit") which had no seating, and they were going to have a bunch of people read from zines first. Also, nothing whatsoever started happening until 2030 or so. I left about 2130 or 2200, I think, when I realized that at the rate they were going the movie wouldn't start until well after midnight, which would cause me to rather flagrantly miss the last train home. Bah. Both clipdude and qousqous also wrote about this, and since neither of them feel like hell today, I direct you to their accounts for a fuller explanation.

I was supposed to game with safetygoth tonight, but had to cancel. Bleh. I haven't seen him since May. Hopefully, I'll be better soon and will be able to game next week.

I'm going to go play the "can I keep food down?" game now. This is not at all the same kind of game I had intended to play tonight, nor is it likely to be as much fun.

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