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Scenic viewpoints!

Well, last night I hung out with qousqous and Ian. I gave qousqous his Christmas present finally.

This year I made everyone candles in drinking glasses and similar things that I bought at Goodwill. It was a lot of work but they turned out pretty well. The ones I made for Chris were in beer glasses and I made brown candles with a bit of white wax on the top for foam. It worked fairly well, although I couldn't think of any way for them to both smell like beer and smell pleasant, so I used cinnamon scent instead. Now that I have given them out I can finally post about them. Yay! I went through about 20 lbs of wax of wax, which is crazy. It was fun, but I was really worn out afterwords and didn't even bake cookies this year.

Anyway, yesterday. We went out to dinner with my dad, then watched the documentaries I made several years ago since neither of them had seen them. Then we just hung out and talked for a while.

When dad wanted to go to bed, we went for a drive. We went to the Batcave again, but this time we all just sat in the car (which was in full sauna-car mode just like on the Seattle trip) since Ian is still sick. We were probably the only car there with either three people in it and/or a lack of nudity. Whee. Then we went to Council Crest, with similar results. We talked about a lot of different things, and I'm not going to get into all of it. We also discovered that Ian's cell phone had gotten shut in the car door and the display is now broken, which sucks a lot.

Then we went to Chris's house and hung out some more. We're good at the whole hanging out thing, really.

Then last night I had a weird dream based on our adventures, except that we also drove in the snow and got weird out of date weather reports over the radio which I called dad about and woke him up. There was also something about a really small dog, possibly the house where my best friend lived when I was 5, and I think Sean and other random people might have also been there. Mostly I remember driving in the snow and this little brown dog that was impossibly cute and fit in the palm of my hand. I want a dog. But not one that small.

Today safetygoth called me at about 11 and woke me up (I didn't get home until 3 or 4 last night since I had to take Ian home to Cornelius). Yay. He was out of town, and thus didn't get my messages until now. Anyway, it sounds like there's a gaming group I can join, and I'm going to go over there on Wednesday. He's doing something to do with mortgages for a job. I find that a little hard to picture, but I think that's because I've never seen him dressed up.

Then my grandmother called to ask why I wasn't over there to go to lunch with her. Ooops. I completely forgot I was going to do that today. >.< I'll try to make it next week. I've become really bad at remembering things lately. Bah.

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