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Cards again

I've now sent out the first batch of cards. Those of you who have already given me your address should thus be getting your cards in a few days. If anyone else wants one, it's not too late. Seriously, people, I bought a huge box of cards at Costco with the idea I'd give them out to school people, then got so sick of school that I bailed early. I have plenty of cards. I also have no life.

On another note, I went to Kinokuniya today to look for calendars and Christmas CDs (I was busy this year and had trouble getting my ass out there until now). There weren't any good calendars left at all. >.< I thought about getting a general Toei one that had a different anime series of theirs each page, but realized that I didn't recognize all of them and only liked one or two of the ones I did recognize. So I think I'll just go to the mall and buy one with puppies on it or something.

I also bought a Love Hina CD, which I'd hoped would have Christmas music on it. It seems to be a mixture of people talking, non-recognizably-Christmas songs and BGMs. Bleh. I wouldn't have spent $33 on it if I had known. I was hoping for something like the CCS and Digimon ones which tend to have some Christmas carols on them and also some original stuff. This is the danger of buying things that you can't read a word of the packaging on.

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