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Bill's memorial service

My mother's cousin Bill died recently, and today I went to his memorial service. I really didn't know him that well, mostly I knew his son. Bill was a diabetic with kidney trouble, and was in and out of the hospital for as far back as I can remember. His family used to stay with us when he was in the hospital since they lived out of town. He'd been better since his pancreas and kidney transplant 5-10 years ago, but then this year he got cancer. Anyway, today was his memorial service.

My mother couldn't go because she was sick, so I went down to Salem with the grandparents and we went to my cousin's house. Kirsten wasn't expecting us at all (I wish grandpa would have mentioned that to me, I would have called her on my cell phone on the way) so we hung out while she took a shower. Then my aunt and uncle came back from wherever they had been and we all went over to the funeral place.

Funeral places are weird. They just are. Kind of like places that just do weddings, really. They fill the void left by the fact that people don't go to church anymore, but in this very sterile way. It just seems odd to have a service for someone in a place that they never saw when they were alive and that would hold no meaning for them. I'm really not sure what a good alternative would be, though. I have no idea what people will do when I die someday, I don't have any organized faith to dictate rituals and I can't imagine any of my relatives deciding to just read bible verses to fill the void, because that would make no sense. Bill appears to have been a Christian, although I never really knew anything about his faith. The hall itself had no religious decoration, however. It didn't have any personality at all, like a conference room with slightly more somber furniture.

People neither wear black nor dress up for funerals anymore. Kirsten and I both wore jeans (I meant to wear my nice black skirt, but I got very little sleep last night and flat forgot) and so did several other people. Some people had on white shirts, and most had some color on. I wore a nice dark green sweater, and am reasonably glad that I wasn't more organized this morning, because if I had been thinking about clothes when getting dressed I would have been wearing either a black lace dress or a black skirt and blouse, and would have looked overdressed.

I also had no idea what to do about my hat. In some vague part of my mind I remember something about it being disrespectful to wear hats in church, somewhere else something about women being supposed to keep their head covered in church, and plus this wasn't a church anyway. (This wasn't a baseball cap, but rather an old-fashioned-looking hat that I currently forget the name of.) I decided I was probably supposed to take it off, but I never have any idea about these things.

After that, I went over to my grandparent's house for a while. Grandpa has bought himself the most complicated and feature-ridden cd burner I have ever seen (you can adjust the speed of cds by up to 12%, for example) and is now scared to plug it in. We'll deal with that later. It looks like a pretty neat toy, although I worry that some of the DRM stuff may cause him not be able to use it as he'd like to. (He wants to record a CD of himself playing the piano, then add a vocal track, then burn copies of that, and it looks like the thing won't make copies of copies, which is really stupid in this case. I'll have to look into this some more, I seem to recall that dad's CD burner only puts the "don't make further copies" flag up if the original recording tells it to, so we may have to drag that one into this too. Grandpa's will, however, let him mix two sources, so the separate recording of voice and piano should work fine. I fucking hate DRM and in my world it would be illegal to implement it. Also Santa would ride down the streets with toys for all the children. Parenthetical over.)

Then I came home and discovered that TNN now plays old episodes of American Gladiators. Good for it. That show is even stranger than I remember it being.

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