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SeanAngst again

I posted an entry of SeanAngst at my other journal. We broke up on June 5th last year. I love him still.

I drew some pictures in physics today. I may scan them in later, but they're tiny, in pencil and I doubt the shadings will scan well. Among other things, I drew a series of my pictures of all of the outfits I wore the night before Sean and I started dating. The eyes got sadder each picture. The last picture was of me in normal clothes of what I wore then, and it had the saddest eyes of all.

I'm torn on whether or now I should send a copy of my latest real journal entry to him or not. I want him to know, but I don't want ot bother him. And I don't want him to freak out. Although I doubt he would freak out, so I suppose that doesn't matter. Does anyone know if grad students are done for the semester at UW yet?
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