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Star Trek

clipdude and I went to go see Star Trek: Nemesis last night. I think someone stored the script for this movie too close to the script for a James Bond movie and it got contaminated. Bah. Of course, I'm also the only person in the universe who liked Star Trek 5, so my opinion probably isn't worth much. However, I just didn't care for this movie. Too action-y. It was ok as a SF action movie, but lousy as a ST movie. Of course, I haven't liked any of the movies after 6, so maybe I'm just an old fart. I only really liked 4-6, yet I keep going to see the next one. Go me.

I did, however, quite like the theatre we went to. We went to Cornelius 9, and it was nice and low-hassle. I don't like big crowds, and it wasn't crowded, so I was happy. (Doesn't bode well for the theatre, though.) They also have student discounts, which is handy.

Dad and I went to get our Christmas tree today. We tried a different tree farm this year. This one was really easy to deal with and had a good selection (and access roads they let you drive on so you don't have to walk to the ends of the universe) but was more expensive. We now have a Christmas tree. We got a noble fir, and we'll probably decorate it tomorrow. I also need to start my Christmas baking, but it hurts to stand up for long because of my foot so I've been avoiding it. Bah. I think I'm tired of Christmas.

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