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"It's kind of like musical chairs, except the music never stops and there are enough chairs."

I just updated my Quotes Page with quotes from my party last week. Oddly enough, there were 3 quotes and each was from a different Chris.

In other news, I seem to have started posting at Megchan's board. I'm not quite sure why. Sheer boredom, I guess. I even made a detailed tutorial on how to check how big an image was, and posted it in the help forum. True to my usual weirdness, I hang out in the Test/Help forum, the Comments/Suggestions forum, the Off-Topic forum and the Multimedia forum. (In roughly that order.) I don't really hang out in any of the forums that, say, discuss Digimon on a regular basis. I suppose it's because I'm a bit behind on the episodes and I'm tired of running into spoilers. I hate vague subject lines.

It's been almost a year since Sean and I broke up. I love him still. *sigh*.
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