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Layout change

I finally got around to adding a background to my layout as I've always more-or-less meant to. Right now I have it as an override, but when I feel un-lazy later I'll add it into the style nicely. I wanted actual math work, but our scanner's been busted for a long time so I haven't been able to scan in any of my scratch work or notes. However, when going through the hard drive of Dad's old computer, I found almost an entire term of physics notes that I scanned in when I was sharing my notes with another girl in the class (it's pretty funny that I got to be the notetaker since I usually had a notetaker of my own, but I had pretty coherent notes from that class and it was a small enough class that they were desperate) so I picked some mathy stuff from them and used that. It's easy probability stuff, but at least it's got the right general "look" to it. Now you can all make fun of my handwriting. :p

Oh, and if any of you have suggestions on how to make the file size smaller, I didn't really mess with that at all and I'd love suggestions. I've been working with it in Photoshop 4 for Windows and it's a .PNG right now but I'm open to suggestions on that part as well.

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