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I need to work on this whole "calm" thing

Well, today I went to the "pdx geek gathering" at brad's. I'm not good at this whole "feeling comfortable around people" thing and it really showed. >.< I hope they just thought I was quiet and not that I was an idiot (although both are probably true, considering). Anyway, I got to learn all about s2, which was cool. No actual work got done, but hopefully it accomplished what he wanted it to. I also got to see his very impressive television setup. He has HDTV, and although there really isn't much of substance available on it at the moment, the random stuff they show on it sure looks pretty in all that definition. If I ever end up living in some place for a long time without moving I'll have to save up for one of those sets. Even if I had the money, it wouldn't be worth it now because something like that would be pretty impossible to move. I suppose once HDTV becomes popular all sets will be in it and smaller sets will show up on the market, though. So by the time I have any money it probably won't be an issue.

Yeah. So after that, I was so wound up and convinced I made an ass of myself (which I amy or amy not have done, it's hard to be objective about such things) I came home and played Super Bust a Move for a few hours until I calmed down a bit and stopped muttering at myself about what an ass I am. Then I made macaroni and cheese for dinner because I'm out of bread and was in no mood to leave the house again to fix that.

Watched tv for a bit. Discovered that they, either currently or in the very recent past, did a remake of Wild and Crazy Kids. I don't like the new format as well, though. >.< I liked that they had kid/teen hosts and I also guess I liked the whole 80s/early 90s sound and look of the show. Bah. I also thing I've been Mati'd out, because he hosts every other damn thing on GaS. I didn't really need to see him host yet another show.

So now I'm sitting in my room and am still a little too twitchy about the whole "everyone in the world thinks I'm a dumbass" thing to deal with people, but at least I've gotten to the point where I've stopped talking to myself and fidgeting, so I'm calling that good enough. Plus I'm willing to communicate online (in non-real-time-ways) so at least I'm not totally in hiding.

I think I'll go read instead now though. I started trying to read Magic's Pawn again last night, but ended up thinking about Becky instead and only got through one chapter. I've just been a bundle of functionality lately.

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