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In case anyone is wondering...

My computer is still goofy from its little issue a few weeks ago, so I only have internet access when it feels like letting me. Thus, email is not a good way of contacting me, nor is LiveJournal. ICQ has yet to work once (which means no talking to Sean for me). As much as I hate the phone, for those of you who have my phone number, if you need to get in touch with me it is best to call me until I have time to either fix my computer or get my linux box set up. (Dad bought a new computer, so I get his old one.)

I've been cranky and tired of everything lately. I think I need to do something really different with my life for a while, but I'm not sure which part to change or how. I'm semi-seriously thinking of taking a quarter off and doing some traveling. Right now, the idea of taking the train to Quebec, staying in a hostel, and then seeing how good my French gets in a month or two sounds appealing. I have no idea how I'd get the money for that though, and I'm worried that the answer would be that my French would still be pretty damn bad, and plus I'd be cranky, tired of everything, even more broke, and in another country with no one to talk to.

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