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I went to the fabric store today to "buy a few little things to add to last year's costume". That went well. I ended up with:

  • 2 yards burgundy netting
  • 2 yards green netting
  • 4 yards black netting
  • 2 yards wide elastic
  • 4 yards narrow elastic
  • 2 spools (10 yards) burgundy ribbon
  • 6 yards of that cheap satin stuff (burgundy)
  • 1 very silly looking wig (rainbow colored and full of tinsel, aside from that kind of like David Bowie's hair in Labyrinth)

I then realized that I needed more netting, so I went back and bought

  • 2 yards burgundy netting
  • 2 yards green netting
  • 4 yards black netting
  • 1 spool (5 yards) burgundy ribbon
  • 1 pirate hat
  • 5 lawn signs of skulls and ghosts

I spent a bit over 50 bucks today. I am so not allowed to go fabric shopping anymore. ^_^;

However, I made two new skirts and a set of arm warmers to add to last years costume. I decided to ditch last year's top and just wear a black shirt with the new arm warmers. My two new skirts are so pretty. They're floor-length netting, one in alternating panels of black and burgundy, and the other in alternating panels of black and green. I used burgundy ribbon for the waists of both, and left enough extra that the ends almost fall to the floor. I tied one bow on each hip, and then tied last year's skirt on top in front, so I had three bows showing at the end of it. I also have some extra ribbon to put in my hair. Also, since I did it in red and green, I can wear the two new skirts and arm warmers for Christmas too. ^_^

I also replaced the white elastic in the wings I bought last year with black elastic, since it looked stupid to have two white stripes on a black shirt. It took a totally disproportionate amount of time to do it, because I had to hand sew the dratted things on. Bah. I don't think I'd have the patience to sew much without a machine. It just takes so much longer.

I was going to make a new opaque underskirt out of the satin, but I ran out of energy. I'll have to see if I can find last year's black skirt. If not, I'll probably wear my velvet one and hope for the best. Or, since with three layers it is a lot more opaque this year, I might just wear my black shorts that I wore under my pirate costume with some hose.

Hopefully, I'll get someone to take pictures of me at the party tomorrow. Of course, my scanner is broken, so I have no idea how or if I'd ever upload them.

Whee! I have a pretty costume that is all floaty and ribbon-y! I want to dance in it.

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