I'll po YOUR lite! (algeh) wrote,
I'll po YOUR lite!


My monitor went foom, so don't expect to see me online much for a bit. (This is posted from dad's machine, I don't think I could successfully post to LiveJournal using only keyboard shortcuts with no visual (or, for that matter, auditory) feedback. I'm not quite that devoted.)

So yeah. Give generously to the "buy me one of those nice flat panels or something" fund. That's it. I'm sure that will work. Or I'll steal one of the spares lying around the house for a while. Technically, the only unused 17 inch belongs to Nike (dad has a company-owned system to dial into work on, and they insisted on giving him everything even though he only wanted the computer (he has switches set up to share I/O stuff between that and his home system to save on desk space)) but I doubt they'd mind if I used it for a bit, even if I haven't bought shoes from them in a few years. Failing that, I could always steal the 15 inch from our 486 that no one's ever going to use again but which is still set up. Maybe the nice trackball too, while I'm at it...

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