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Yay me

Well, my party on Friday went fairly well. Io, Jason, Chris D., Chris P. (Boyfriend-Chris), Chris C.(Kelly's Chris), Kelly and Jesse all came. We got very nearly every plate in the house dirty. Kelly and her Chris made me a spiffy diorama involving firefighter figurines encircling the d20 that comes from inside a Magic 8 Ball. I want to post a picture of it, but I have no digital camera and I fear if I upended it onto the scanner it would die. It's really cool. I still need to give Chris and Kelly their birthday gifts. Bah.

Next time I have a party, I'm either using paper plates or only serving one thing. Each person ended up using at least 4 plates because I had a salad course, a main course and a dessert on Friday and then we had breakfast Saturday. And everyone kept forgetting which cup they were using. Also, Chris C. and Jesse made a peanut butter and celery soda in my blender, which only they liked. Eventually, blue food coloring and peppermint extract were added. I'm amazed at the dumb things we do even though we weren't drinking.

Speaking of dumb things, we played a car game that got A Bit Out Of Hand. After Io crashed (she isn't the type to stay up past midnight) we all piled into my dad's van (he was over at his girlfriend's house for the night to avoid the party) and drove Jesse home. After that, we decided to play a game in which Chris C. would drive, I would wear his communist hat over my eyes so I couldn't see, and then I'd give driving directions which he'd follow at the next opportunity. We figured that this would lead to some wandering around for a bit, and we'd probably see something nifty sooner or later. I lead us onto the freeway. Yee hah! We ended up in another state, in Camas, WA, by the paper mill. (We started in Portland, OR.) That was a bit further than we really meant to go. 'twas fun, though. Then, on the way back, dad's van got a flat tire. >.< . So the six of us, many of us without jackets, are trying to change the tire on a strange car on a freeway in another state in the middle of the night. Fun. ALso, the new tire is severely under-inflated. So we get the new tire on and drive to the nearest gas station and inflate all of the tires. Then we drive all the way back to my dad's house and fall asleep. It all worked out ok, but my new motto is "never drive in a car at night without a flashlight". Also "if you have no idea where you're going, it's probably best to stay off of the freeway".

In the morning, we watched American Beauty, made various permutations of cereal, swedish pancakes, peanut butter toast and grilled cheese sandwiches and then watched the first 4 episodes of Card Captor Sakura. I really need to buy more of that.

Eventually, everyone but Boyfriend-Chris left, and we cleaned up the mess. It took 2 loads to get everything through the dishwasher. I left the streamers up.

Sunday, I went over to my mom's house and she finished my bridesmaid dress for her wedding, except for the hem, which we can't do until I find shoes. It'll be a nice dress. It's periwinkle, with an empire waist and big gauzy sleeves.

Today, I sat around like a slug and did nothing constructive, unless you count watching Digimon as constructive. Or possibly changing my email sig.

Now, I am going to go watch 90210, because I can.

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