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Not dead!

I am in Seattle. I am tired because sleeping on the floor sucks. greatblondelf and his girlfriend disappeared at 1000 while qousqous was in the bathroom, leaving us in their apartment with no real idea what is going on. (We thought we were going to leave to go back to Portland when they went to their thing this morning, but they seemed to have the theory that we'd be here when they got back. Not that I'm complaining, I haven't seen Sean in months. We watched some weird-ass DVD called Faust that Chris rented last night, and then tried to watch an anime called Noir but were too drunk/tired/lack of attention span-y in general to get into it, so we watched Fancy Lala instead, which was much easier to follow. ^_^ Whee. I had some very good pear cider, and some pretty decent raspberry hard lemonade. I don't like that one mint thing, though. Mint alcohol is too much like mouthwash in my world, I think. ^_^

I want breakfast, but I'm not sure if we have a way of locking the door behind us if we leave. I just want magic pixies to show up bearing food, dammit.

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