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Well, now I'm 20

Well, I survived another birthday. I spent most of the day with Boyfriend-Chris, and then went to the first day of my new physics class. There are only 6 people in it, and one of them is my freshman year roommate. We didn't get along too well then, but we're not actively hostile toward each other or anything. I wonder if she still winces at the thought of Gordon Lightfoot. Anyway. The class itself looks to be "chaos theory for dummies", but should be interesting anyway. I already read one of our main texts for my high school chaos theory class, but at least that means less work for me now, and hopefully the discussions of it will be better in a college class. Other than that, today we read a really old article on determinism and did some basic probability stuff, learning about means, standard deviations and so on. All stuff I already knew, although I don't think everyone else did. If I actually remember to do all of the work for this class, it'll likely be an easy A, or at least a B. The material itself shouldn't be too bad. He does look to be the kind of professor who assigns a lot of homework though, which very sucks rocks. We have to read over a chapter of one book, a chapter of another book, write a 1 page essay and also do a probability lab involving 1000 coin flips by Thursday. Great. None of these things are hard, they just all take time. I'm worried that I'll forget to do one or more of them, too. I also need to go digging through my books to try to find my copy of the textbook, since I already have the copy I had to buy in high school. I also think I'll dig up my old philosophy notes on determinism, so I have a better idea of what the literature says. I think I know where I put the notes for that class...bah. This class looks to be a huge time suck. I'm highly tempted to cheat and write a computer program to "flip" the coins for me. That would take me maybe 5 minutes, rather than the hour or so it'll probably take me to do it by hand. At least it isn't as bad as some of the labs I remember from high school that involved decks of cards. I already get probability pretty well, and really don't want to waste all this time "gaining an empirical understanding of it" yet again. I already get that things even out with time and that you're likely to get heads about 50% of the time if you flip it enough. Bah. I don't need to flip 1000 pennies to get this stupid concept, I've understood it since I watched Square One as a little kid. *sigh*.

Homework is not my new best friend.

And I must plan my birthday party, which shall be on Friday, with possible spillover into Saturday.

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